Life Is Strange – New Episodes

Life is Strange

Life is Strange is a video game where issues like loss, abuse, and depression are being encountered. It might be that this video game is not your ideal video game story. I like that Dontnod is trying to face these delicate issues, nevertheless they are as well very difficult

I love that Dontnod is attempting to confront these sensitive topics, but they’re also very hard to portray accurately and responsibly. The second episode bites off more than it can chew, putting you on an emotional rollercoaster exposing you to all kinds of traumatic events. While some scenes end up raw and honest, a lot more are frustrating due to the extremism of the world and the mixed messages sent about how to handle these complicated subjects.

The episodes start strong, discovering regarding Maxines mystical power to turn back time. Strange happenings have appeared for instance snowfall about 80 degrees climate, and Maxine is checking it with the aid of her buddies. My preferred parts are when they start into theories, talking about quantum physics. Maxine as well discovers her powers have few limitations, which turns a lot more fascinating later in the plot. Her skills can’t in all time saves her from any bad days, and this time are the most fascinating in the story or this episode.

In the game if your not attempting to learn what is the origin of here power, Maxine deals the madness and the evil world before her, She notice bullying, violence and extortion in her regularly life. Another thing is a social group known as the Vortex Club has turn all the rage, however things regarding like sex and drugs are not being revealed and Maxine is very dedicated to get rid of those evil club. There are times; I think I am watching a poorly scripted teenage drama on the screen. All operations to elevate the melodrama, even when if it’s outlandishly not real. The fist episode had few clichés, however the second continues to go far it is hard to take seriously.