Clash Royale Hint For Updates

After Supercell introduced their hot mobile game Clash Royale, after few months it has evolved into a wonderful online game. The game has received plenty of updates and additional fresh features, very ideal troops, along with 2 vs 2 clan battles and many more.

Thanks to Supercell the developer of the game has granted few changes which base from the player’s demands, after few months of playing. Nonetheless, the latest huge updates few months ago we have only notice a bit of changes of handful of new troops.

Clash Royale is very popular because the game is very balanced and greatly-tuned video game available in the market, nonetheless we expect more from the modification. Starting from new troops, ideal balance, and new game modes to make it more very exciting to play. With a few months on great non-stop battles, few wish to have some great changes from time to time. Just like any game modes and daily missions to acquire huge amount of gold. You should know the changes and what are the benefits of these updates.

Each month or two the developers provide updates and want to set things right if there is some flaws in the game modes. They have involve all fresh new cards, great troops which are legendary, game balancing, and a protocol to remove all hackers and cheaters. Considering that the Supercell is the master of their craft in giving gamers an ideal updates and because of that players will continue to play the game. Tournaments are not really utilized and battles it seems lacking in action. Although they are very entertaining, we will still like to see new changes.

If you are playing a Clash Royale, you need to play the game using your brain. As player will acquire a balance amount of Elixir to utilize and aid troops and face their enemy, using the right amount of troops and great strategy and deal their enemy. If you are good at strategy and learn the means of how these troops functions and ready to change method and maintaining the momentum of your Elixir. In conclusion, the objective is to have a great trade-off and defeat your opponent quickly.

In the game make sure you are a beast in the game so that your opponent will likely will give you a good fight, if they are as well good in battles. Nonetheless those who use real money would likely to top the boards daily or weekly. If you’re having problem in acquiring an ideal Clash Royale elixirs, materials, and troops you may need to visit my website for Clash Royale tips.


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This is How The Cycle of Pokemon Sun and Moon

Either you will admit or not the popularity of Pokemon has been there even in the late 80’s also what every series of pokemon they released people and gamer alike embraced it and now the game itself has been enhance especially its now in 3DS. Now ill let you know that when I came a cross with Pokemon game I was surprise a lot because I seldom play video game but when I tried Pokemon it was a beginning where I appreciate other Pokemon game. Furthermore I’ll inform you about Pokemon Sun and Moon since its here now. The first time that I encountered Pokemon Sun when I booted up the Sun and Moon and the visuals are really great and the characters are just so pixelated. I did not expect that this has some more factors to it.


Though the game developed did not really design to have the 3d effect but its not really a big deal for any die hard player. This is a classic game and it’s continued to thrive along the way but it can be enhance if they would make it in 3ds when it comes to graphics. The changes can be more astonishing and dramatic. But even thought my expectation was not really met in the game when it comes to its graphic. As blogger I where I rank for pokemon sun rom and I was at the top at the time before my ranking was drop. I received more than a thousand of traffic per day all over the world that is only signify that many people admire and play it.

The story begins when you moved to Alola county or island where it is unstable when it comes to peace area. You have a cousin named Prof. Kukui who will always be there for you to give a hand throughout the campaign and take you to the Kahuna of the island where you can get your first Pokemon and to make this article shorter and later on your journey you become a real pokemon trainer and you will go from one place to another tor any challenge, you have to travel until you will become the champion..

So let me explain to you what the Island Challenge is. In order to achieve this you need travel to different spots or specifically 4 islands and complete the missions give to you. This is a heck of adventure for those who love to roam around because you will get to roam around and visit the big islands and you will be able to train Pokemon and be their tamer.

Those Pokemon that you will encounter in different islands will have different abilities. Spoiler alert they are very wonderful Pokemon like Lapras and Stoutland. There are people you will meet in the Island having their unique personalities and they have a great influence of your development. You can expect cut-scenes in the game but its cool to watch them.

The interaction of the characters in this game is very entertaining if you are Pokemon fan you will love to watch it. Aside form encountering friendly characters and great plot you will go through the main gameplay.

Basically we all know that Pokemon game is collecting wild monster to fight with you in battle. The game permitted you to use six of your choice Pokemon to duel other Pokemon through conventional turn style or rpg elements. However there is new to the game, z power moves. This can be done after you collect all Z crystal. The z crystal has different type from water, fire and so forth and you can use this moves to a special Z power move in every battle although you can only use one special. There are plenty of things you can expect from Pokemon Sun and Moon you may as well try to check out the trailer of the game and read more tips how to get the best of Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Hay Day the Simple yet Addicting Game on Android and IOS

hay day

Hay Day is nothing new for those people or should I say those who were familiar with mobile gaming, simulation games, or those who have been following Supercell’s journey especially with how they became a multi-billion company. This game has gotten into the stardom among its competition. Yes, it is true that it is just a simple game. By simple, it basically is a farming simulation game. It does not have a realistic graphics and the gameplay is quite repetitive at times.

How in the world did SuperCell made Hay Day into the game it is today? Well, simple. The game is addictive in the sense that it has those features that were not present with its competition. It has social features that makes playing quite challenging and at the same time fun especially when dealing with friends – playing competition or playing together with them.

Another thing that makes this game interesting among teens and even those who are adults is the fact that it does not require any payment. Yes, it is free – free to download and free to play. Well, basically that what makes this game easily accessible among the players around the world. You can simply go to the respective playstore of your smartphone or tablet – Google Play or Apple Appstore – and search for Hay Day, and install. The game, however, has this called premium currency that may require gamers to pay for it, but it does not mean that those who will not pay for it will not enjoy the full benefits of the game. They still will, but with the “waiting game” that can be frustrating at times. Now, you can read this article found here if you want to add more diamonds to your Hay Day account for free.

Perhaps the most important thing on this game is the fact that it is constantly updated. SuperCell has done a good job of listening to its player base and making it a habit of fixing and patching the things that can make the game undesirable and putting up something that can make the players happy. This has been a trait of SuperCell even with its other games like Clash of Clans and Boom Beach. No wonder, the company is really harvesting the fruits of its labor.

Hay Day is a worth while game, as long as its players will play in moderation. Otherwise, the game can be very addicting and disrupt social functions among its players. So, if you ever decide to download and play the game, play it wisely.